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United issued a statement concerning disaster on Friday morning, tweeting: “Our thoughts go out to the United fans, their friends and families affected by the tragedy in Calabar, Nigeria, yesterday.” Ben Ayade, the governor of Cross River State, said: "It was heart-wrenching that the lives of the young men were lost through electrocution.“The incident marks a dark chapter in the life of the state where the precious lives of football lovers have been lost.He stumbles through answers only to suddenly, passionately verve into eloquence and righteousness.He comes off as simultaneously happy, Eeyorish-ly sad, and constantly radiating a deep sense of empathy.Research shows that no period of learning is of greater significance than the quality of education a child receives during his or her elementary and middle school years, that all important time between the ages of 4 and 14.Brookwood’s signature program, one of breadth and balance, offers rigorous academics as well as the personal recognition and nurturing that best meets what research shows students at these ages need most.Patrick — fiercely played by young Lucas Hedges — is demanding, rebellious, sullen. Despite his draw to tragic subjects, Lonergan holds onto a sharp, dark, Irish sense of humor, and a feel for the absurd that comes out at the most unexpected times. Affleck gives a career-best performance here, as a man so folded in on himself he nearly disappears (except when he suddenly unfolds in silly, senseless violence).Lee's ex-wife — a tearfully moving Michelle Williams — remains stuck in the wreckage of her disastrously failed marriage. Full of loss and grief and the grey skies of a wintry Massachusetts, "Manchester by the Sea" can sound like a pretty dreary two hours at the movies. And Williams has a heartbreaking moment at the end, when she and Affleck finally confront their shared past — and realize they will never, ever move beyond it.

Within seconds of meeting an interviewer, he'll jokingly call him an asshole and then affectionately pat him on the arm.

Most of all, he seems genuinely surprised to hear that he's just made a masterpiece.

follows a Boston-based handyman named Lee (Casey Affleck) who goes about his daily chores with a sense of quiet desperation.

f you've seen writer-director Kenneth Lonergan's work before — the handful of films and half-dozen one-acts and plays he's penned to date — you understand why he's racked up numerous theater awards, Oscar nods and a Pulitzer nomination.

And if you're lucky enough to meet Lonergan, you'll understand where that singular voice comes from.


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