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We use MYOB and the successful applicant must have extensive experience using this package, along with Microsoft products.You will be involved with the day to day invoicing, stock receipting , bank reconciliations, creditors and debtor control.If you have any other questions you think would be helpful to include here, please Contact Us. If you would like to find out more about one near to you, please click here to find the Region nearest you.We always need new Volunteers and Members so join the adventure NOW with SCOUTS New Zealand!Former Kingsland Biscuit Factory workers Meryle (Gloria) Colvin (left) and Glad Munro reminisce about old times after meeting this week for the first time in almost 70 years.They are holding a Kingsland Biscuit Factory staff photograph dating back to...John, who delivers cyber safety and security training to the New Zealand Police, as well as other government departments, the health and education sectors, together with private enterprise, carefully tailors each presentation to the audience.

The iwi of Murihiku and DOC have for a long time worked closely on conservation projects of regional and national importance.When teenagers Meryle Ball and Glad Toole met at Invercargill's Kingsland Biscuit Factory in 1940, they instantly became the best of friends. ''We stuck together like two flies,'' Meryle added.Meryle was 14 and Glad was 13 when they were assigned to work at the Jed St factory to replace men away fighting in World War 2.With the permission of her employer, Ms King brought the friends, Gloria now aged 89 and Glad 88, together on Tuesday for afternoon tea and a natter about old times. The girls worked 8am-5pm shifts and the occasional night shifts, earning 2 each a week packing wine and ginger nut biscuits and chocolate fingers.Large square crackers were packed into tins and sent to New Zealand troops overseas. ''The biscuits were so hard they used to call them dog biscuits.Neither knew where the other lived until an amazing coincidence brought them together again this week for the first time in almost 70 years. She had seen a photograph of Kingsland staff at Glad's house and had heard stories about her time there.


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