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Reg, Ive heard from John Eveson and it seems that hes probably as nostalgic as I am!Ive been rummaging around my photos and came across these.Some slide rules have been made for special use, as for aviation or finance.Those slide rules have special scales for those applications, as well as normal scales.William Oughtred and others developed the slide rule in the 1600s.The slide rule is based on the work on logarithms by John Napier.

Some types of relative dating techniques include climate chronology, dendrochronology, ice core sampling, stratigraphy, and seriation.Early people may have been attracted to the region due to the source of water.Archaeological findings may indicate human occupation in the region dating to at least somewhere around the 10th and 8th millennia BC.As you can imagine the pictures of St Stephens foundry dont convey how hot, smelly and dirty it could be in fact elf and safety would have had a field day there nowadays, they probably would have closed us down!The two photos at the bottom show one of the plate casting machines called a Pony autoplate and could turn out 1 plate a minute. The gentleman with presentation front page plate is Eddie Hunter one of Alf Spearings staff.Before electronic calculators were developed, slide rules were the tool used most often in science and engineering.


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