Challenges of consolidating democracy in ghana

First, in Uganda, we are told that the playing field was not level, as Yuweri Museveni flagrantly personalized the electoral process in his bid to secure his thirty-year rule in the country’s February 2016 elections.Second, in The Gambia, barely a week after conceding defeat and promising to hand over power to a newly elected government, Yahya Jammeh, the country’s ruler for twenty-two years, backtracked on his concession, and annulled the December 2016 polls.It took the intervention of the international community to oust Jammeh from office.To be sure, Ghana is not the only country in Africa making considerable progress in democratic consolidation.Leaders of faith-based and civil society groups employed various peacemaking initiatives, including peace walks, songs, and sermons, to ensure successful elections by encouraging voters and other political actors to play according to the rules of the game.Although euphoria greeted the ultimately peaceful outcome of the votes, some assumptions underpinning the rosy picture of Ghana as an African “model” of democracy have remained open to question.Basically, every assertion about democratic consolidation is built on democracy.That is democracy is a means to achieve democratic consolidation.

This Ninth National Congress is critical for the future of COSATU because it serves as a key platform to assess our work based on the programme we adopted three years ago.In Cape Verde, the opposition, Movement for Democracy (Mp D), won landslide victory in the parliamentary election that was held in March, after almost fifteen years in the minority.However, Ghana’s story is somewhat different from the foregoing narratives in important respects.Democracy has been strengthened in diverse ways and we have seen Ghana’s democracy consolidated since it has satisfied the various notions of Scholars like Andreas Schedler and Samuel Huntington.Schedler came up with some notions to explain what democratic consolidation (DC) is.Preface The Eighth National Congress of COSATU was a watershed in all respects.


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