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Due to the high northerly declination (celestial latitude) these meteors are not well seen from the southern hemisphere.Radiant: 49.5° - ZHR: 120 - Velocity: 26 miles/sec (medium - 42.2km/sec) - Parent Object: 2003 EH (Asteroid) The Lyrids are a medium strength shower that usually produces good rates for three nights centered on the maximum.

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The average hourly rates one can expect under dark skies is 25.

These meteors usually lack persistent trains but often produce bright fireballs.

The meteor showers listed below are the easiest to observe and provide the most activity. Showers that peak with the moon’s phase greater than one half illuminated (first quarter to last quarter) will be affected by moonlight and difficult to observe.

Particular attention should be noted to the time and moonlight conditions. While the time each shower is best seen remains much the same year after year, the moonlight conditions change considerably from one year to the next.


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